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Portable Science Lab

The Sciency App is a portable science Lab for high school learners. it provides 3D models of science phenomena that allow learners to understand science at a deeper level.

The Sciency App gives learners the power to experience applied science education from their homes as if they were in a Lab. This is made possible through Augmented Reality Technology.

Learners can also revise with their friends wherever they are through the social learning feature, and obtain real time help from tutors.


The Sciency STEM Club MakerLabs’s allow learners to go the extra mile and explore science in an indepth aspect. Learners are able to build robots and innovative projects that solve various problems in their communities through the MakerLab’s.

Our growing ecosystem of Makerlabs’ gives learners access to crucial technologies such as Arduinos, 3D-Printers, STEM kits, and much more to let them explore their inner creativity.

Learners are able to crete their own projects and innovations that solve various problems with the help of our mentors, allowing for applied STEM learning. These projects are showcased at the Annual Sciency STEM fair.

Global Networks

Phenomenon Technologies is a member of communities such as the Google for Startups Global Network. This allows learners to be able to connect with amazing tech enthusiasts and STEM professionals in these exclusive networks.

The Sciency STEM Club provides mentoring and career guidance to learners by utilising a vast newtwork of STEM professionals across the country and globally.

Learners can connect with engineers, scientists, startup founders and many more professionals every month, who will offer them guidance and insights into the various STEM fields.

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